You are currently viewing Greta Thenberg tweeted, “If you can’t respect democracy …

Greta Thenberg tweeted, “If you can’t respect democracy …

Greta Thenberg tweeted,

Greta Thunberg’s tweet moved viral

new Delhi:

Greta Thunberg, which works towards environment and environment modification, is fairly energetic on social networking. Recently, he’d tweeted a tweet giving support to the Farmers Protest in Asia, which caught lots of interest. On social networking, people additionally reacted fiercely to their tweet. Greta Thunberg has retweeted a tweet, where he’s got stated that research and democracy tend to be linked. Their tweet will be look over a great deal.

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Greta Thunberg tweeted: “Science and democracy tend to be highly interlinked. Because both these are designed on freedom of message, freedom, details and transparency. If you do not respect democracy, you may want research You won’t respect. While you don’t respect research, you most likely won’t get respect. ” Greta Thunberg increased the problem of freedom to talk in a democracy such as this. This tweet by Greta Thanberg has additionally been loved by Prakash Raj.

Let me personally tell you the Delhi Police had submitted an incident against him for tweeting on Greta Thunberg’s farmer motion, where he had been accused of unlawful conspiracy and distributing opponents in teams. But soon after the actual situation had been submitted Greta retweeted and blogged: “we still-stand meant for the farmers and hate, intimidation or man legal rights violations cannot transform this.”

Please tell that Greta Thunberg blogged in the very first tweet we stand-in solidarity aided by the continuous farmers motion in Asia. There is lots of ruckus on their tweet. In addition, US pop music singer Rihanna and celebrity Mia Khalifa additionally tweeted concerning the farmer motion. Whose Indian superstars described their particular tweet as propaganda.